Body Waxing

Please Note: Prices can vary depending on Area, Skin, Hair & Wax type
Please always check before the treatment

We use Soft/Strip Wax & Hot/Lycon Wax – Depending on Area, Hair & Skin Type.

Full Arms Wax: From £25
Half Arms Wax: From £15
3/4 Arms Wax: From £20
Under Arms Wax: From £15
Top Half Legs Wax: From £25
Bottom Half Legs Wax: From £20
3/4 Leg Wax: From £30
Full Legs Wax: From £35

Bikini Line Wax: From £15
Deep/Extended Bikini Wax: From £25
Brazilian Wax: From £35

Full Hollywood Wax: (Soft/Strip Wax): £45
Full Hollywood Wax: (Half Soft/Strip Wax and Half Hot/Lycon Wax): £50
Full Hollywood Wax: (Hot/Lycon Wax):  £55

Buttock Wax: From £20
Full stomach or Full Back: From £35
Half stomach or Half Back: From £25
Full stomach and Full Back: From £50

Body Wax Package 1: Includes (Full-Arms, Under-Arms, Full-Legs & Bikini Line): From £65
Body Wax Package 2:
Includes (Full-Arms, Under-Arms, Full-Legs, Full-Hollywood): From £95

Full body waxing (Neck to Toe, No Face Included): From £125

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