“Step into a haven of relaxation at Beautifly Salon & Spa’s Massage Sanctuary. Our professional massage services are dedicated to promoting well-being and relaxation. From classic Swedish massages to our exclusive Signature Caribbean Heat Massage each experience is crafted to rejuvenate your body and soul. Each massage is a journey, a powerful yet simple escape from the demands of the everyday. Discover a sanctuary where strength meets serenity, inviting you to a profound state of relaxation and renewal.

Indian Head Massage _____ (30min):  £45
“Experience blissful tranquillity with our Indian Head Massage. Unwind as skilled hands work on releasing tension from your head, neck, and shoulders. This ancient therapeutic practice brings relaxation to new heights, leaving you refreshed and revitalized in just minute”

Hot Stone or Cold Stone Massage _____ (45min):  £65
“Escape into pure relaxation with our Hot Stone Massage, where soothing warmth penetrates muscles, easing tension and promoting deep calm. Alternatively, invigorate your senses with our Cold Stone Massage, a refreshing experience that revitalizes and energizes. Choose your perfect path to serenity.”

Swedish Massage _____ (45min):  £55
“Immerse yourself in a world of relaxation with our Swedish Massage—a timeless and professional experience designed to soothe muscles and promote deep calm. Let expert hands guide you through gentle strokes, tailored to leave you feeling refreshed and renewed. Discover the pure essence of relaxation with our therapeutic Swedish Massage.”

Deep Tissue Massage _____ (45min):  £69
“Immerse yourself in the profound relaxation of our Deep Tissue Massage—a therapeutic journey designed to target tension and soothe muscle discomfort. Experience expert hands skillfully applying firm pressure to release knots and restore balance. Unwind as the profound benefits of deep tissue techniques leave you feeling rejuvenated, revitalized, and ready to take on the day.”

Special Pregnancy Massage ______ (45min):  £65
“Nurture your well-being with our Special Pregnancy Massage, a gentle and expertly tailored experience for expectant mothers. Designed to alleviate the unique stresses of pregnancy, our skilled therapists provide soothing care with techniques that ensure comfort and relaxation. Indulge in a nurturing escape that promotes physical ease, mental calm, and a deeper connection with your changing body.”

Caribbean Heat Massage _____ (45min):  £85
“Embark on a unique journey with our Signature Caribbean Heat Massage”

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